Old & New

The chapel will incorporate the windows from the current Christ the King chapel as well as new and relocated windows.


The new Christ the King Chapel will feature more than 50 stained glass windows.

Remembrance & Prayer

You can remember your loved ones in perpetuity by dedicating one of the windows, which will each include a special honorary inscription.

Beyer Studio

New windows will be produced by the twenty-five artists at the renowned Beyer Studio, who craft their own windows and restore windows from England, France, and Germany as well as America.

Transept Windows

Transept Window (North) – The Nativity

Moving forward toward the Altar, a truly splendid historic window and a remarkable new window will dominate the transepts.The north transept of the cross-shaped Christ the King Chapel will feature this beautifully restored window of the Nativity.

A majestic 13-by-24, this window was crafted by the famous F.X. Zettler Studio of Munich, Bavaria, and is an excellent example of this studio’s lush, pictorial style. The unsurpassed quality of their work prompted Pope Pius IX to award them a gold medal in 1870, and King Ludwig II to recognize them with the title of Royal Bavarian Art Institute for Pictorial Painting on Glass in 1873.

This window was originally crafted for Incarnation Church in Philadelphia in 1923. Now, after 94 years, this window will undergo a comprehensive restoration. The Beyer Studio will completely disassemble and clean each of the many thousands of pieces of colored and hand-painted glass, and then reassemble the pieces with all new leading. Rescuing this important work of Catholic art will guarantee its survival in the new Christ the King Chapel.

Transept Window (South) – The Resurrection

Turning toward the South Transept, a glorious scene of the Resurrection of Christ will match the Nativity in brilliance. e new window will be either restored or handcrafted by the Beyer Studio to match the quality, beauty, and style of the North Transept window.

The transept windows, featuring the birth and ressurection of Christ, depict two great liturgical feasts in the Catholic Church: Christmas and Easter.

Artist Rendering of New Saint Windows

Still in Production | Sponsored by Donors

four new designs available

The expanded nave of our new chapel will feature eight new aisle windows featuring heroic portraits of modern and ancient saints. Modern in content, but traditional in form, the windows will be handcrafted by the Beyer Studio with the attention to detail and quality that marked the great Munich studios of the twentieth century.

Donors will have the opportunity to participate in selecting the saint featured in the window, the choice of the image, and the unique experience of following the design process via updates from the Studio. Dedication inscriptions with hand-painted calligraphy fired into imported glass will remind future generations of this generous gift of art.

Pope St. John Paul the Great

St. Theresa of Calcutta

St. Columcille

The Martyrs of Otranto

Windows for Mary’s Chapel

Our Lady’s Chapel, behind the main altar, will feature four restored windows made by the Tyrolese Glass Art Company of Innsbruck, Austria. This firm was formally recognized with an honorary Papal title. Their work was first seen in America at the Centennial Exposition of 1876. Four scenes from the life of the Virgin are represented in the gorgeous color and beautiful draftsmanship that were this studio’s hallmark.

Once removed from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Chester, PA, the windows will undergo a painstaking restoration by the Beyer Studio, which will make them appear just as they did at the turn of the 20th Century. Pictured here are the Annunciation, Visitation, Assumption, and Coronation. Dedication inscriptions in hand-painted calligraphy fired into imported glass will remind future generations of this generous gift of art.

The Annunciation
The Visitation
The Assumption
The Coronation

Artist’s Rendering of Re-framed Windows

From the Current Christ the King Chapel

A prominent place will be provided for the stained glass in our current Chapel, to be a familiar presence along the aisles alongside the eight new nave windows. Originally rescued from the retired Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in old town Winchester, Virginia, these windows date back to the late 19th century. Each will be completely disassembled, restored, and rebuilt by the Beyer Studio to last in our new Chapel.

In keeping with the tradition of Catholic stained glass, all of the aisle windows will include a dedication inscription honoring the intention of the window’s donor. Hand-painted calligraphy fired into imported glass will remind future generations of this generous gift of art.

St. Anthony

St. Patrick

St. Peter

St. Stephen

The Good Shepherd
St. Joseph
The Assumption
The Baptism of Our Lord
An Announcement from Christendom College President
Dr. Timothy T. O'Donnell